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Students pursuing paper topics: below are some helpful sources for internet law news and issues, as well as a list of general topics mentioned in class.

Privacy / Free Speech / Civil Liberties sites:
     Center for Democracy and Technology (www.cdt.org)
     Electronic Frontier Foundation (www.eff.org)
     Electronic Privacy Information Center (www.epic.org)
     ICANN Watch (www.icannwatch.org)

Internet News Sources:
     Packets (Stanford)(cyberlaw.stanford.edu/packets)
     Tech Law Practice Center(www.law.com/jsp/pc/techlaw.jsp)
     GigaLaw.com Daily news(www.gigalaw.com/news/index.html)
     BNA's Internet Law News (free subscription) (www.bna.com/ilaw/)

General topics:

Intellectual Property

  • Application of Supreme Court’s decision in MGM v. Groksterto other file-sharing technologies.
  • Possible legislative alternatives to the FCC's failedregulatory "broadcast flag" effort
  • Breadth of DMCA; application to after-market products and/or reverse engineering (see, e.g., Lexmark Int’l v. Static Control Components; Davidson & Assoc. v. Internet Gateway, Inc.(a/k/a Blizzard v. BnetD))
  • Reverse domain name hijacking
  • Evolution of the law w/r/t ".sucks" domains
  • WIPO arbitration vs. ACPA
Computer Crime
  • Combatting spyware (existing law; possible legislative responses)
  • Combatting phishing (existing law; possible legislative responses)

Data Privacy

  • Privacy issues in VOIP (e.g., location tracking)
  • RFID (radio frequency identification) devices
  • Government access/use of personally identifiable information from commercial sources
Free Expression

  • Anonymity; CyberSLAPP and John Doe cases
  • Bloggers' rights / liabilities
Internet Governance
  • Internet Governance Report (recently released by UN-chartered Working Group on Internet Governance)
  • Proposals for structural reform of ICANN
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